Nevilles Haze – 12 Cannabis Seeds



Nevilles Haze is an almost pure Haze with just a hint of Indica (Northern Lights). The most potent variety of its kind on or off the market. Not recommended for inexperienced smokers – too trippy – too profound.

Our Nevilles Haze Seeds come direct from our own Dutch award winning breeder. We ship Neville’s Haze Seeds worldwide.

Nevilles Haze Flowering Times – Indoors: should be started under 12 hours of lights. The earliest will finish in 14 weeks (25%). Those that take much longer than this are usually discarded as not practical

Outdoors – should be grown in the Tropics and started just before the onset of autumn. Yields are surprisingly good – the longer flowering time is usually compensated with extra large yields, both in and outdoors. Not for the novice smoker or grower.

All Nevilles Haze seeds dispatched by are not pre-packed by machine and sold off the shelf. All our orders are individually counted and selected by hand then sent by first class post in crush-proof tubes and plain packaging, ensuring that you will not get any crushed seeds. We are the only company to do this.

3-8 days delivery.